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Reflection, powered by technology

It is often more powerful to look backward at what has been accomplished, in times of doubt and struggle, than to look at the forthcoming mountain yet to summit.

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If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

Compound your work

This is terrible advice if you want to be successful.

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The practical elements of how to power your reflection using technology

  1. I wrote goals, medium term (6-month) goals. I wrote a financial, health, educational, travel, writing and developer goal for myself to have accomplished by June 30th 2018.
Tracking my everyday habits.
These 6 lines of code will change your life.

So after a while of tracking, something cool happened.

Click it, go on.

Here are my results after doing tracking my day for 32 days so far.



Not great.


Yikes, nerd.


Killing the game.


The ultimate showdown.


It’s amazing the insights you can curate gather about yourself with just a few taps of your fingers answering binary questions

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My reflection is powered by technology.

Is yours?

Ready to Upgrade?

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